Weighted Blankets - Custom Made to Order

Our Weighted Blankets have been designed in conjunction with qualified Occupational Therapists and can be custom made to order and are all filled with poly pellets. A weighted blanket is a custom made blanket that has been filled with poly pellets that gives the blanket added weight. The pellets have been sewn into the blanket between 4 pieces of fabric and there is no risk of swallowing or leaking. The pellets are evenly distributed through the blanket to lay evenly over the child or adult and not concentrated in one spot. The pellets or poly pellets as they are called are hypo-allergenic and machine washable. 

Choose a blanket size and then advise us what fabric you would like he balnket made out of. A plain fabric or patterned. 

The majority of our weighted products are made to order and therefore can be made to meet your request for a particular theme. We have some Ready Made blankets available. See our Ready Made Weighted Products Section. Please allow 3-5 business days for your custom made blanket to be handmade. We generally do get our blankets made sooner however sometimes there can be delays (no more than 2 weeks maximum)