What do we use to Weight our Products ?

Our Weighted Blankets, Vests and Toys are filled with non toxic hypo allergenic Poly Pellets. Besides being preferred and recommended by qualified Occupational Therapists who have helped design our blankets, they make your weighted blankets, vests and toys able to be washed and dried.

Why we use the plastic Poly Pellets....

Weighted Blankets, vests and toys filled with organic materials such as popcorn, buckwheat hulls, dried beans, rice or other organic materials, when any liquid is spilled on them the filling will rot or sprout and you are unable to wash the blanket.

There are some blankets, toys or vests filled with lead shot. There is a concern here with lead poisoning. Lead poisoning can occur when lead builds up in the body often over a period of months or years and can cause serious health problems.

You can order your custom made Weighted Blankets, Vests and Toys.

All our weighted blankets are handmade with the plastic poly pellets evenly distributed throughout the blanket. They are sewn in a lining to ensure there are no spills.